There’s nothing quite like a relaxing and professional manicure and pedicure to give you a quick confidence boost. At Fabulous Beauty Salon, we’ve chosen the superior quality SPA Ritual nail and pedicure products to ensure our clients get beautiful, long-lasting results, and have a wide range of treatments available.

We offer overlays, Entity Acrylic, gel overlays and why not try out our Minx nail wraps with bright colours and patterns for the latest look?




Express manicure (file, shape, cuticle, moisturise, polish)


Luxury manicure and massage (cut, file, shape, cuticle, exfoliate, mask, moisturise and polish)


Express pedicure (file, shape, cuticle, moisturise and polish)


Luxury pedicure (file, shape, cuticle, exfoliate, massage, mask, moisturise and polish)


Express manicure & pedicure


Luxury manicure & pedicure


French pedicure or manicure finish


Special hand or feet treatment (using special cuticle oil, coconut butter, paraffin wax, mask, treated of cuticle, polish) + n