From the moment you enter one of our treatment rooms, you will experience a friendly, personal service that is second to none. This is your time time to achieve total relaxation and be pampered by our expert therapists until your skin is radiant, healthy-looking and beautiful, and you feel completely revitalised. Explore our range of treatments below:

A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including: steam, moisturiser, exfoliation,  cleansers, masks and massage.




Anti aging facial treatment – To give your skin intense rehydration, plump up wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging (using age smart multivitamin power concentrating products) including deep facial massage

1 hour £50.00

Anti aging facial treatment & back massage


  Skin tightening /skin firming  Radio frequency facial  treatment.Say good bye to wrinkles,scars ,pigmentation, tired and dull skin!!!
  1. Full Face, Neck and Decolletage up to 90 min

MicrodermaBrasion and Radio-frequency and light therapy


one single treatment

course of 6 treatments  (25% off )


2.up to 60min of MicrodermaBrasion and radio frequency

one single treatment

course of 6 treatments (25% off)!!!




3.up to 60 min of MicrodermaBrasion and light therapy 

one single treatment

A course of 6 treatments (20% off)



4.up to 60min of Microdermabrasion  and Dermalogica prescription facial

one single treatment

a course of 6 treatment is  (20%off)

















£360.00 No Needle Mesotherapy Facial &Microdermabrasion &Radio-Frequency &&non Surgical Face Lift and Light Therapy

one single treatment

A Course of 6 Treatmnets 120 min




Prescription facial

A deep cleansing facial treatment (great for oily/combination skin). To help the skin to reduce oil and remove spots using Dermalogica refining masks, including facial massage

1 hour -£40.00


Dermalogica De-Stress facial treatment

1 hour 30 mins – £60.00

Dermalogica Hydro Plus facial treatment with the focus being on hydration and stabilizing barrier function to sooth the skin

45 mins – £40.00


Express facial treatment (for people who want a quick pick me up in half an hour, it’s quick but effective)

30 mins £27.00

Menes facial (including scalp massage)